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The Power of Digital Publishing

Turgay Birand

September 11, 2013

There is still quite a bit of argument over whether or not digital publishing will overtake print. While there are a number of people who still prefer print books and enjoy the feel of turning pages, there is something powerful about digital publishing that opens up a whole new world for authors. Digital formats allow you to take the creativity of your writing to a whole new level. Not only can you include embedded links and images to enhance what you write, but as technology improves, you can include audio and video. You can even create an entire soundtrack to accompany your ebook. There are so many ways to redefine the conception of a book, moving beyond simply reading words on a page. Digital publishing offers books (and writers) an even more exciting future. You can make your ebook interactive in other ways:
  • Create questionnaires for your readers to complete.
  • Include a form that allows you to gather more information, if you are using the ebook for lead generation.
  • If the book teaches the reader about something, include end-of-chapter tests.
  • Include a link that allows readers to recommend the book to their friends via social media, email and other forms of communication.
  • If your book is designed to help you sell more of your products, include an interactive order form in the book.
  • Include a way for readers to contact you directly with questions or comments.
The possibilities with ebooks are virtually endless. What can you think of to add to your ebook to make it more interactive?

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