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The Power of the Business eBook


May 12, 2020

There are several benefits ebooks offer for businesses, including driving leads and improving sales, but the biggest power of the business ebook is in giving its author credibility and authority in the industry. Whether you're a customer experience expert like Shep Hyken or a startup expert like Matt Heinz, ebooks pave the way to bigger successes.

Business eBooks Build Credibility

If you're an expert in your field, the best way to make sure people know that is to share your knowledge - and the best way to share your knowledge is through an ebook. Just being a published author with a title that showcases your knowledge in the industry can function as a key that opens doors for you. A well-written ebook that includes your insight can make people more likely to hire you, get you invited to speak or chair a panel at a conference, you will get more exposure.

Business eBooks Can Launch Your Speaking Career

Being a keynote speaker at a highly visible event (even a virtual one) can raise your profile enough to be included in major conferences across the country. That is a level of marketing you simply cannot purchase. When you're invited to speak at an event, the event hosts typically put a link to your website as well as your photo and bio on the conference page. The number of leads this will generate can keep you very business and make others aware of you who would not otherwise have known you.

Business eBooks Can Drive Revenue to Your Business

When people trust your expertise, they are more likely to hire you. Having an ebook cuts down on the time it takes to close a deal because you've already established a level of trust. If you spend less time trying to hustle the sale and more time closing deals, your revenue will grow.

A business ebook can mean more power, more credibility, and more profit.

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