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Top eBook Fulfillment Services


September 23, 2020

For authors and publishers, choosing the ebook fulfillment service through which you will deliver your books is crucial. It is as important as who you hire to edit your books. Or who you'll choose to create compelling, clickable cover art. The fulfillment service needs to meet a number of needs for both you and the reader.

What Is eBook Fulfillment?

eBook fulfillment is the technology that delivers your ebook to your reader. It is the behind-the-scenes function that triggers when the reader purchases the book. It's what turns the purchase into a readable file on their device. eBook fulfillment is how the ebook becomes available for the reader to read. eBook fulfillment can be a complex area of publishing, especially since it seems to change often.

What Format Should I Use for My eBook?

No matter what fulfillment technology you choose for distribution of your ebooks, the standard format for ebooks is EPUB. Only one company prefers a different format (.mobi). But they will accept a properly formetting EPUB file and convert it. In fact, one of the earliest decisions you’ll need to make is whether or not to widely publish your ebook or exclusively publish it. There can be advantages to both, but publishing yourself lets you remain in control - of pricing, delivery, and content.

eBook Aggregator vs. EditionGuard? Best of Both Worlds

When you sell your ebooks, you can choose to partner exclusively with one platform. When you do, however, they serve as your publisher and taking a steep cut out of your profits. Alternatively, you can publish it to your own site as well as submit it to other vendors. When you publish to your own site with EditionGuard, using one of the many APIs we have available to help you operate your own ecommerce store, you are not prevented from also uploading to an aggregator to extend your reach to multiple other selling points. In fact, you remain in complete control of your titles. you have the choice to upload it to an aggregator that disseminates the book through all of the different

EditionGuard eBook Fulfillment Technology

EditionGuard provides three types of distribution technology to help you protect your ebooks. The benefits of publishing. Only on EditionGuard can you set the pricepoint where you want it without it impacting your costs or fees with us:

EditionLink Fulfillment

EditonLink fulfillment allows you to send your eBooks to the purchaser in the form of a link that will expire on a date of your choosing. Your eBook can be downloaded in ePub, MOBI or PDF format, meaning it will be compatible with all devices. EditionLink does not offer active or passive protection against piracy, but the ease of use for both seller and purchaser is a major advantage.

EditionMark Fulfillment

EditionMark fulfilled books will contain a visible watermark. This watermark will display personal information for the specific buyer of the eBook. This passive form of protection will deter illegal sharing, while still providing extreme compatibility across devices.

Adobe DRM Fulfillment

For the serious author, publisher, library, school, or business, Adobe DRM protected eBooks are the gold standard in ebook distribution technology, providing the highest level of protection available to protect your ebook. Adobe DRM protected eBooks can only be opened using Adobe Digital Editions software and it is nearly impossible for your eBooks to be illegally shared. Adobe DRM fulfillment therefore offers active protection against eBook piracy. Another benefit of Adobe DRM fulfillment is the ability to offer eBook rentals.

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