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Transform Content into an eBook

Turgay Birand

September 18, 2013

If sitting down and writing an ebook from start to finish isn’t your style, there are other ways to transform content into an ebook that will still give you credibility as an author and also give you another way to generate revenue. Content Curation ebook 1Whether you collect advice and contributions from a number of people and publish them under one title or curate your own content, collections sell well. You can even list yourself as the editor of an anthology of stories contributed by others. You may want to offer them a share in the royalties, but many new authors are willing to contribute for no cut of the profit in order to have the byline credit. Collaboration When writing an entire ebook seems too daunting, consider collaborating with another author or group of authors. You can choose to write with people who share your passion about something or with others in your same profession, but collaboration takes the pressure off of you both, while still letting you create a marketable ebook. Combine Tips or Advice If you’ve been working in your field of expertise for any length of time, you’ve probably collected a number of tips or pieces of advice over the years that can easily be combined into an ebook. Whether you offer 101 tips for being a better driver or 101 ways to calm a crying baby, you can create an ebook that doesn’t require a great deal of effort, while still being very marketable. When you’re ready to publish your ebook, consider trying EditionGuard’s publishing tool, which allows you to not only control how and where you sell your book but makes it possible for you to protect your digital rights and retain all of the profits from your sales.  

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