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Translate your eBook, Part 1: Better Visibility

Turgay Birand

April 14, 2016

Publishing an eBook can be one of the most exciting moments in an indie author's life. But having written and published an eBook doesn't mean that your writing venture is necessarily complete; now you can translate your eBook into other languages. And translating your eBook provides a great opportunity for you to expand the reach of your writing. Why Should You Translate Your eBook? Translating your eBook allows other readers to get the most out of your content. There are several languages supported by eBook publishing sites; languages, such as Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese, are some of the most popular. The benefit of translating your eBook is that you will have the ability to reach audiences from around the world and build your presence as an indie author. Marketing Your eBook for Another Language? You can begin marketing your eBook in the target language before the translation is published. This will build excitement and anticipation for the upcoming release. We recommend creating an opt-in page and a separate email list for each language, but MailChimp and other newsletter services do provide you with the ability to offer translated versions of your campaigns. You can also seek out reviews of the eBook in the chosen language to help build your audience. Avoid Translation Programs While Google Translate is handy for a quick word or two, many online converters do not translate accurately. You will find that certain phrases and terms simply don’t translate well from one language to the next. Translating your eBook is an opportunity to attract a larger audience and to realize increased revenue. In our next blog, we’ll discuss the actual process of eBook translation. In the meantime, leave the automatic converters alone.

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