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Which eBook Format Sells Best?


March 9, 2021

How do you know which ebook format sells best? When you are self-publishing your ebooks, you must make many decisions for yourself. The benefit, of course, is that you do get to make all of the decisions. You can therefore choose an ebook format that sells best for your intended audience.

When to Choose PDF as Your eBook Format to Sell more eBooks

There are a number of reasons an author would choose PDF as their ebook format. PDF is an ideal choice if you have fixed-format content. Fixed format content will not render properly if formatted with reflowable format. Illustrated children’s books, recipe books, and coffee table books filled with imagery are often formatted in PDF to ensure quality. Academic publications in sciences and maths may also benefit from PDF as the ebook format. Think: anatomy and physiology textbooks with illustrations of biological systems.

Selling eBooks in Mobi Format

If you need an ebook format that is capable of handling complex content but is still reflowable, mobi may be a good option for you. However, because mobi has a limit on the size of images it can handle, its best for smaller screens. So if you know your readers are more likely to use an app to access their ebooks and read on a phone or tablet, mobi can be an excellent choice.  It’s also a great choice for hand drawn content or for authors who anticipate needing to include a dictionary with their ebook, since mobi supports an added dictionary.

Why Most Authors Choose Epub to Sell More eBooks

EPUB ebook format sells best in most cases because it is the most widely-accepted format capable of delivering the best experience to most readers (with the exceptions noted above for the types of ebooks requiring fixed format). Apple iBooks, Nook from Barnes & Noble, Adobe Digital Editions, SmashWords, and many others all support the EPUB ebook file format, which can broaden your distribution range and help you reach more readers.

The Case for Creating Your eBook in Multiple Formats

Retail stores offer apps, online stores, and in-person shopping options to make sure they reach all of their potential customers. For most authors, the way to make the most possible sales is to offer your ebook in every format where you will find readers. In fact, you may need to have multiple formats available for ARCs (advanced review copies) which can help you get reviews quickly.

Each of these three ebook formats are useful and offer functionality you may need or want in your next project. Ultimately you should choose a format that gives your readers the best experience. EditionGuard supports all three of these ebook formats to help you achieve your goals as an independent author or publisher.

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