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WordPress Plugins for Indie Authors, Part 2: eCommerce

Turgay Birand

March 10, 2014

If you are an indie author looking for a way to sell your eBook, without forking over a good percentage of your sales to Amazon, then selling the eBook on your own WordPress website allows you to keep more of the profits for yourself. In our last post, we delved into our favorite WordPress plugins, to help indie authors attain the kind of visibility they need when marketing and selling their eBooks. This week we’ll explore our favorite plugins that can help indie authors better market their eBooks.

Transform Your Blog into an eBook with PressBooks

The PressBooks open-source plugin lets you take existing blog material and turn them into an eBook. While the plugin itself is free to use, there may be some cost involved in downloading the PDF version of your eBook. If you have been keeping a blog, however, having the ability to take what you’ve already written and turn it into an eBook is pretty amazing.

Connect with Readers using Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a powerful connection tool that helps you keep in touch with your readers without having to publish your email address for just anyone (spammers, for instance) to have.

Sell Your eBook and Accept Paypal Payments with EditionGuard

The EditionGuard WordPress Plugin allows you to sell your ebooks on your WordPress blog or website, integrating PayPal to accept payments on the web. It is a powerful tool and a complete eBook sales solution, fully integrated with the cost-effective EditionGuard eBook DRM service.

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