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Write an eBook That Can Demand a Higher Price

Turgay Birand

August 29, 2014

If you’re trying to write an eBook that will demand a higher price, consider writing eBooks that fit into high-demand areas. There are specific niches that have high demand and low quantity, and eBooks published in these niches tend to be able to demand higher prices. Learn more about eBook writing with our series: Stop making excuses and write your #eBook! WordPress Plugins for #indieauthors WordPress Plugins for #indieauthors part 2 Write your first #eBook! Get started here. Recommended “hot” niches right now include:
  • Dating advice
  • Cookbooks, especially gluten-free or diabetic
  • Weight loss & exercise books
  • How-to eBooks
  • Beauty/Health topics
There are many other niches and topics that can be equally as popular. Stephan Pylarinos has a list of 141 popular Kindle niches to help get you started. There is literally a topic for anyone who is interested in writing an eBook. Don't be afraid to use your own expertise and experience to write a unique eBook. Sometimes the best sellers are ones that have a sense of authenticity and genuineness about them that resonate with readers. Other ideas for eBooks:
  • Philosophy
  • Living more simply
  • Photography/coffee table books
  • True stories/crime stories
The only question is, what will you write about today? Bonus: Check our our resources to help you learn how to market your eBook on social media: How #socialmedia improves #eBook sales Marketing your #eBook on #Pinterest Marketing your #eBook on #LinkedIN Marketing your #eBook on #Facebook Marketing your #eBook on #Google+ Marketing your #eBook on #Twitter Free #marketing for your #eBook

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