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Write Your First eBook, Part 4: Collect Your Best in an Anthology

Turgay Birand

March 19, 2014

If writing a lengthy eBook on a single subject is too daunting of a task, consider collecting short stories or poems into an anthology for publication. This can help you get your first eBook published quickly, allowing you to gain experience for subsequent eBooks. This is part-fourt of our series on writing your first eBook. See part one, part two, and part three for more ideas. Anthologies are a wonderful way to create eBooks people like to read, and if you’re short on material of your own, you can create an anthology that curates content from a number of different writers. Consider creating an eBook on a particular topic, collecting expert advice from around the globe. You can break up the chapters by topic with multiple contributors (“war poems,” “love poems,” “limericks”), or you can dedicate a chapter to each author. Regardless of how you decide to organize the eBook, creating an anthology with multiple authors can be the start of a long and prosperous series. There are many different ideas to help you write your first eBook that we have been exploring. If you’re still having trouble getting started, try one of these ideas to help you get moving:
  1. Brainstorm
  2. Play word-association games
  3. Create an outline
  4. Create a mind map
  5. Jot down every little thought (even on the back of a receipt) as they come to mind
What are your ideas for writing eBooks? How have you had success?

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