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Writing Fiction, Part 3: Using the Right Words

Turgay Birand

February 23, 2016

book-419589_640Writing fiction requires finesse. You’re constructing an entire universe for your reader, whether your eBook is set in familiar surroundings or not. Your words must become the paint that create a picture of your world in the reader’s mind. Invoke the Imagination When writing fiction, it’s not enough to tell your reader what they should see, such as the placement of a tree in a yard relevant to where the character is standing. Your reader wants to discover, through your words, the scenery as if they were inside the story. Don’t tell your reader that the moon is shining; describe in more detail the shimmer of the light reflecting off the nearby pond. Don’t Over-Complicate While you’re busy painting the picture of your story, don’t make the mistake of using too many unnecessary words. Verbs that you may think are interesting may actually be overwhelming or confusing to your reader. Don’t use a thesaurus and change every word, but do choose the precise word to convey what you intend. For example, two people might be walking in the moonlight. But are they walking, or strolling, or running for their lives? A simple choice in how you describe action can set the mood. Write to the Reader You should not be writing for your readers, but instead, write to your readers. When you’re writing fiction, you’re telling a story. Consider the friend who returns from vacation with stories to tell of their travels. Is it more fun to sit through a narration of events in chronological order or listen to someone animatedly tell you with passion and enthusiasm about the experience and adventure? Your reader wants to be a part of the action, so involve them in your writing as much as you can. Writing fiction can be challenging, but if you channel your passion and enthusiasm for your story into an engaging style, you’ll have an eBook you can be proud of. In the next post, we’ll finish the series by discussing how to finalize your fiction eBook.      

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