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Writing Well

Turgay Birand

September 25, 2014

Writing well takes enormous effort. We've discussed the importance of employing the skills of a proofreader and editor to help you create the best possible eBook. The reason we emphasize proofreading and editing so much is that because the better you write, the more professional you will appear, the more seriously you'll be taken, and the more likely you'll be to actually sell what you write. If you're writing fiction, though, there is another aspect of writing that is equally as important as grammar, and that is character development. Create characters that come to life for your readers, and you'll suck your readers into your eBooks and leave them begging for more. How to Create Interesting and Engaging Characters
  1. Create biographies for your characters. Consider every aspect of who they are: their childhood, their education level, where they live, what they do, and even what they look like. Consider how experiences have molded them psychologically and impacted decisions they make now.
  2. Don't give your characters a full bio on page one of your eBook. Let readers discover bits and pieces about the characters over time. Build them throughout the story.
  3. Use more dialogue and less inner thought to bring the characters to life. Instead of telling about them, show them doing.
In the end, don't be afraid to cut a boring character. If you can't breathe life into your character, he probably shouldn't be there.

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