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You’ve Written an eBook: Now What? Part Three

Turgay Birand

March 31, 2014

You have written an eBook, and now you need readers. But before you publish your eBook, you should have three types of readers peruse your eBook. The first two types of readers you should solicit feedback from are the preliminary critic (trusted friends and family) and a proofreader. Only after your eBook has passed the scrutiny of those readers’ eyes should you publish your eBook and seek out the third type of reader: the one who will purchase your eBook. The eBook Reader You eBook reader is your most cherished fan, someone who will pay you for the pleasure of reading what you wrote. That’s why it’s so important to have the first two types of readers examine your eBook before publication. You want to be sure you are offering your audience the best possible material. eBook readers, if they love your eBook, will be your biggest cheerleaders and least expensive form of powerful marketing. What You Want from Your eBook Reader Ideally, readers will read your eBook and love it enough to immediately pick up their phones (or other mobile devices) and call, text and post about the eBook to everyone they know. Of course, you can make this much easier for them by including links at the end of your eBook that allow them to review your eBook, share a link allowing others to purchase your eBook on Facebook and Twitter, and otherwise broadcast their stamp of approval. Next time, we’ll talk about what you can include at the end of your eBook to help foster the support and word-of-mouth marketing of your beloved readers.

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