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All About eBook Social DRM Software


October 21, 2020

eBook authors and publishers must make a difficult choice in how secure to make their content. They must strike a digital rights management (DRM) balance: ease of use versus security.

Types of DRM

There are two types of DRM: active and passive.

Active DRM encrypts your books. Then, it requires specific software to access it. EditionGuard offers this enterprise-grade DRM through our partnership with Adobe Content Server. Then, the software verifies your rights to the eBook. If you were to share the eBook, no one else would be able to access it unless you provided them with your specific account information.

Alternatively, Passive DRM works by including visible and/or invisible information within the eBook. This information identifies who the eBook belongs to. EditionGuard offers two options for passive DRM: EditionLink and EditionMark. Both are social DRM solutions. Social DRM is a great option for indie authors and publishers whose audience requires more flexibility in DRM choice.

Social DRM from EditionGuard


Active DRM is a suitable choice for proprietary content for universities, libraries, corporations, and larger publishers. However, for many indie authors and publishers, it can be a detriment. It can make it more difficult to sell books. For example, take a casual reader who wants to buy your latest romance novel. They might not be willing to download and sign up for an account with Adobe. It's a lot of extra steps when there are 20 other authors vying for their attention who don’t require that.

Many self-published authors and publishers are not as concerned about eBook piracy. They are more focused on user experience for their readers. Indie authors and publishers are looking for a convenient way to distribute their eBooks directly. They don't want compatibility issues. EditionLink is the perfect solution. You simply send your reader an expiring link to the content, which they can use to gain access to your book.


EditionMark also provides readers with an expiring link that gives them access to the ebook. However, it provides a bit more security. EditionMark embeds a visible watermark in the ebook to serve as a deterrent from ebook theft. The watermark displays the personal information of the ebook purchaser, which is collected at the time of purchase. If the lack of DRM protection on EditionLink worries you, EditionMark may be the ideal in-between solution.

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