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Best eBook Formatting Software 2021


February 23, 2021

Once you have finished writing your ebook, before you can publish it you will need to format it properly for the file type you are using. While it is often better to hire an ebook formatting service, there are ebook formatting software options as well.

eBook Formatting Software and eBook Formats

There are three main ebook format types: .epub, .mobi, and PDF. Each have their advantages and disadvantages, which we discuss in detail in our comparison of the popular ebook formats. You’ll need to know what your ebook fulfillment service requires in order to know what ebook format to choose. Some ebook fulfillment centers, like SmashWords, allow you to upload both an .epub and a PDF. Most of the ebook formatting choices will handle multiple file types. Here are the top ebook formatting software we recommend.

Kitaboo eBook Formatting Software

Kitaboo is a cloud-based content platform to create-publish-distribute interactive mobile-ready content. This software can help you create interactive, dynamic content and also functions as a distribution center for your ebooks. They provide .epub conversions and work closely with the education industry to create academic material that is accessible. Learn more.

Flipbuilder eBook Formatting

Flipbuider helps you turn simple PDF files into dynamic flip books. They are used by online magazines and online education services. The downloadable software offers free and premium versions. Learn more.


Blurb is an ebook formatting software that can help you create fixed format and dynamic PDF books and provides a variety of distribution options. The software is compatible with iBook and Apple store with just a one-time fee. Learn more.


Designrr promises that you can create an ebook without writing a word. Their software instead extracts content from your blog and turns it into an ebook. You simply enter the URL from which you want the ebook copy to be pulled, and it does the work. Learn more.

Pressbooks eBook Formatting Service

Pressbooks offers a variety of formatting services and works with indie authors as well as educators and provides formatting services for mobi, epub, and PDF. For authors, they offer a DIY book design and production software to format books for ebook stores and print-on-demand services. Learn more.

While working with an ebook formatting service can be preferable for achieving the end result you desire, these ebook formatting software solutions can help indie authors get their ebooks out there.

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