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Best Services to Convert PDF to EPUB


January 20, 2021

No matter what format you use to write your ebook, you will eventually need to convert PDF to EPUB. Many ebook fulfillment services you use will require EPUB. While PDF (Portable Document Format) was the first ebook format to be available, it has limitations. It was originally created to allow print books to be scanned and digitized. The product of a PDF is static page, but it does offer robust security features. This makes PDF ideal for business documents and contracts. EPUB is more dynamic and flexible, fast becoming the more popular form for ebooks. Because of the flexibility and responsiveness it allows, it is the digital publishing standard.

Convert PDF to EPUB Easily

Using an online conversion service, you can turn PDFs into EPUBs without too much struggle. There are also conversion solutions that you can download to use offline. Many of the PDF to EPUB conversion options are free to use. Here are the top five:

In addition to being able to convert PDF to EPUB, online-convert also converts video and image files. They can also convert other format types, such as Word, RTF, and MOBI to EPUB and vice versa. It is simple enough to follow their online instructions step-by-step to complete the process.

Like online-convert, to epub offers a number of conversion options, including PDF to EPUB. You simply drop your PDF file or upload it to get started. You can even combine multiple PDFs into one document.


CloudConvert offers free PDF to EPUB conversions per day. Beyond that we of with flexible payment schemes for users with greater need. Packages are highly customizable, and you can purchase per-minute subscriptions or monthly subscription options. They offer a variety of other conversion tools in addition to EPUB.


Zamzar is another convenient online service to convert PDF to EPUB easily in three steps:

  1. Choose the PDF file that you want to convert.
  2. Select EPUB as the format you want to convert your PDF file to.
  3. Click "Convert" to convert your PDF file.

Zamzar offers a pricing scheme to suit the needs of any indie publisher or author.


Convertio offers a similar service to convert PDF to EPUB. You simply upload pdf-file(s), choose "to EPUB" as your output, and download the EPUB once the conversion is complete. They offer a number of other conversion options as well as a tiered pricing structure.

There is no end to the number of services from which you can choose for converting PDF to EPUB, and by doing so, authors and publishers have access to a number of different fulfillment services and ebook readers in order to reach more readers.  

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