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How To Convert PDF to EPUB eBooks


January 27, 2021

Most ebook fulfillment services require your ebook to be uploaded in EPUB format. Yet most authors write in Word, Google docs, Novlr, or some other word processing tool. The output is most often .doc, .docx, or PDF. So in order to upload your ebook to these fulfilment services, you must convert to EPUB ebooks.

PDF to EPUB eBooks

No matter the output of your writing, it’s a simple process to convert Word or Google Docs to PDF. But to convert your PDF to EPUB ebooks requires the use of software or a service. While you might find a few tools for simple PDF to ePUB conversions, the best way to get your EPUB ebooks is to use a service. The good news is that using a conversion service for your EPUB ebooks is relatively simple and fast – and offers several advantages over online conversion software.

3 Benefits of EPUB eBooks Services

  1. When you use a service, they ensure the quality of the conversion from PDF to EPUB ebooks. This includes updating the table of contents and repaginating as needed.
  2. The PDF to EPUB conversion service also ensures that your page numbers, headers, and footers are rendered properly in the new output.
  3. While most software services are limited in the types of files they can convert, with most offering conversions from PDF only, a service can convert your book to EPUB format from a variety of sources, including PDF, InDesign, Word, and Quark. Many of the services can also convert to EPUB ebooks from Images, print/hard copies, scanned copies, manuscript, HTML, XHTML, or text.

Using a service usually guarantees the output as well so that as an author or publisher you can rest assured that your file will be as perfect as possible for your readers.

How to Find EPUB Conversion Services

A quick Google search will bring up a large number of EPUB conversion service providers. Choosing the right one can be difficult, but these minimum standards can help you choose a reliable service:

  • Can they convert the file source you need converted?
  • Do they convert to reflowable EPUB layout?
  • Do they offer tech support?
  • Are you able to add multimedia to or interactive content?
  • Do they have data security to protect you when you send them your file?
  • Can they provide samples of their work?

There is no end to the number of services that are available to help you convert your files to EPUB ebooks. Choose a partner you can trust.

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