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Marketing Templates for Publishers and Authors


April 14, 2020

While the impact of COVID-19 is being felt around the world and many businesses are struggling under the weight of closure, there have been some silver linings. First, the air quality has improved measurably around the globe.

While governments seek ways to safely reopen, in all likelihood, we'll all be doing a lot more staying at home this summer. And that makes it a good time for authors and publishers to step up their book marketing.

Template for Announcing a Temporary Reduction in Price or Free eBook

Why would you give away your ebook for free? If it is the first book in a series or you are a new author with a new book coming soon, giving away a book is a great way to gain followers who will buy subsequent books.

You can use the announcement in an email, on social media, and on your website (either as a special banner or as a popup). Make sure you highlight the sale: TITLE OF BOOK WILL BE AVAILABLE FREE (or PRICE) FOR [NUMBER] of DAYS ONLY.

It's important to limit the number of days the sale is available to create a sense of urgency about getting the book NOW.

Include a short description of the book or a quote from a bestselling author who has endorsed the book and a photo of the book cover. Provide a conspicuous link as well.


Press Release Template for Publishers and Authors

There are many places where you can publish a press release, including on your website, through your newsletter, or through a distribution service either for free or for a fee. A press release is a useful tool for announcing a new book or to announce a price reduction or free book.


To make it easy for you to get started, you can download Word versions of both the announcement and the press release template here.


Press Release Example

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