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The 3 Best eBook Reader Apps for EditionGuard


November 10, 2020

The proliferation of ebook reader apps has made it even easier for indie authors and publishers to reach new readers and widen their audiences. No longer are people beholden to ebooks that work only on a Kindle or a Nook. In fact, more and more people are able to skip purchasing those devices, which can cost $80-280, by using apps on their existing tablets and smartphones.

Now that EditionGuard is supporting Readium in addition to Adobe Content Server, there are more options than ever for our clients and their audiences in terms of ebook reader apps.

Best eBook Reader Apps

Because there has been such a dramatic shift to digital publishing, there has also been a proliferation of reader apps pushed into the marketplace as well. How do you know which one to choose? We’ve selected the 3 best ebook reader apps on the market.


Thorium is a free app available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. One of the best features of Thorium is their commitment to making reading material accessible for those the visually impaired and people with dyslexia. It’s a good option for those who prefer desktop apps.

Adobe Digital Editions is a free app for ebooks published with Adobe DRM. There is a desktop app for PC and MAC as well as Android and Apple apps for phones and tablets. You do have to have an Adobe Digital Editions account.

Bluefire Reader The Bluefire reader may be the most versatile. It works with both Adobe and Readium as well as a number of other ebook fulfillment systems. It supports Apple iOS,  Android, and Windows PCs.

EditionGuard Launches New eBook Reader

EditionReader is EditionGuard’s new app. While still in development, it only supports Readium, but we will be expanding capabilities well into 2021. However, EditionGuard support for Readium LCP as an alternative to Adobe DRM is available to all users right now. Our goal is to give authors and publishers a variety of options so that they can customize the experience for their readers as needed. Start your free trial with EditionGuard today.

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