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What’s the Hype Around Readium LCP All About?


December 16, 2020

What is all the hype around Readium LCP? We’ve been talking up Readium LCP for a while now, and there’s good reason for it. Readium offer a viable alternative to Adobe DRM. See our comparison here. It is also the only digital reading technology developed BY publishers FOR publishers. Readium is quite literally meant to meet the most essential need of indie authors and publishers everywhere.

Does the Hype Around Readium LCP Pay Off for Publishers and Authors?

Readium gives authors and publishers the most important tools they need to sell more ebooks. Their high-level DRM doesn’t complicate reader access. And there are a lot of customized controls. Readium’s mission is also laudible:

To “maintain the Readium project and provide an open forum where developers can exchange ideas, best practices and their latest achievements in reading applications and services.”

Readium Offers New Opportunities for Authors and Publishers

Because Readium is open source (see it on Github here) the potential is limitless. You can develop custom apps using the Readium platform. With Readium, readers do not have to download Adobe and create an Adobe account. This opens up a significant audience who want something easier – without having to give up too much in the way of DRM protection. See our Adobe DRM vs Readium LCP.

Future Potential

The best aspect of Readium LCP is its potential to morph to meet the changing needs of the industry. Readium does rely on volunteers to develop new projects. However, there has been no shortage of willing volunteers, from the New York Public Library and EDRLab to EditionGuard. We will continue to offer Adobe DRM. It is the gold standard in digital rights management. Adobe provides protection for PDFs, which are not fully supported by Readium yet. But we are excited about being able to offer another option that focuses on balancing UX and DRM.

Keep the Protection, Simplify the Experience

The LCP in Readium LCP stands for lightweight content protection. Not only does Readium LCP protecet author and publisher rights, including the ability to control printing, copying/pasting, and text to speech options, but it does so for a lower cost. Readium LCP is now offered as an option for all EditionGuard customers.

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