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Magento DRM: eBook DRM Solutions


October 6, 2020

Magento is a powerful selling platform. It allows users to “create engaging, shoppable experiences.” Many authors and publishers choose Magento as their ecommerce platform. With this in mind, EditionGuard has developed an API so you can integrate Magento easily with EditionGuard ebook DRM solutions. In fact, integrating Magento with EditionGuard ebook DRM solutions creates a powerful seller platform. You then have the ability to showcase your ebooks while also instilling the best possible protection to prevent pirating.

EditionGuard Magento Extension

It's easy to connect your Magento store to your EditionGuard DRM. EditionGuard created an extension that integrates the two. In fact, when you connect through your EditionGuard account, integration is instant. You don't have to do any custom development or coding - our APIs do all the work. Once you have completed the integration, attach DRM-protected ebooks to your Magento product list through the downloadables feature.

Magento and EditionGuard DRM Integrations Are Fully Customizable

The EditionGuard DRM extension for Magento is open source. Therefore, your developers can modify it to meet your needs. You can even add features. This is a trustworthy and cost-effective ecommerce solution. Sell ebooks without sacrificing a portion of profits to a third-party seller. It’s a truly turnkey solution.

The EditionGuard Extension Is Customized for Magento

You do not need a sales platform like Magento in order to sell your ebooks. EditionGuard integrates directly with your website. However, some authors prefer the robust sales platform Magento offers. Our extension means you can use it without worrying about pirating or ebook theft. Best of all, the EditionGuard Magento extension is free to use.

Benefits of Magento and EditionGuard eBook DRM Solutions

Magento is open source. This means that your developers can customize it to suit your needs. Magento is extremely SEO friendly as well. Improving SEO can help you when marketing your ebooks. You may even reach a wider audience. Best of all, the Community Edition of Magento is completely free. That way, you can start using it right away and then upgrade to a paid version as you grow your ecommerce store and have more ebook sales.

If you’re ready to get started with Magento and EditionGuard eBook DRM solutions, download our manual (PDF) here.  We also offer custom integrations. Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more.

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